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Our strength is and continues to be our people who are committed, experienced and deliver many times over

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Proprietary and innovative system streamlining individuals, teams and business activities when deploying tools in the work place such as meetingly® and kronologica® software products.
At BOS GLOBAL, we eat our own cookies, ask us how!

BOS Strategy

We are focused on the aggregation of cloud
technology investments targeting banks, financial
institutions, insurers and professional consulting organisations.
BOS has extensive FinTech experience with its
established network of professional enterprise
sales, product marketing capabilities worldwide


BOS GLOBAL, believes that it's People make a difference first, in support of the Company second, to then be recognized by Customers worldwide third and collectively put back into the Community to which we all take from.

About us

BOS GLOBAL commenced business in the Year 2000 as a sales and sales consulting company to over 200 clients comprising technology entrepreneurs, public and private sector organisations and large global corporate clients in Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and North America. Since Year 2014, BOS GLOBAL has invested in the development of business software products and enhancing its business processes – targeting productivity, knowledge and governance practices of knowledge workers.

In October 2015, BOS GLOBAL launched the first of its two business software products, wrapped with its own innovative processes and governance practices. BOS GLOBAL continues with Sales & Investment of products and ideas it controls that can disrupt and change the everyway work practices of knowledge workers.

BOS GLOBAL is a public unlisted company incorporated in Australia, operating from offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Plans are well underway to increase its representation, with offices in North America, Asia and Europe as well as achieve its public stock exchange listing in Year 2016.

To learn about our beliefs visit PC3


Our portfolio is aimed at disrupting traditional and everyday practices
by the billions of knowledge workers in the world today.
Our focus is to enable businesses of any size to identify activity waste
and replace it with knowledge – measured in days.
Change is inevitable. Consider starting your next work activity with a better way


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Board Of Directors

Larry Shutes

Independent Chairman

35 years a chartered accountant. 30 years a company director and 10 years a public company director. Current Chairman of Conquest Agri limited (ASX:CQA) and past Director Farmworks limited (ASX:FWA) Director ETT limited (ASX:ETT)
Responsibilities: Member of the Corporate Governance Audit committee and Remuneration committee

Murray Bergin

Independent Director

Currently self-funded retiree proving Executive Coaching and Advisory Services to industry leaders. Experienced Managing Director (Telstra Mobiles, Drake, Dexterra), Managing Partner Unisys, having previously worked at Peat Marwick & Partners. Over 40 years’ experience including technology IP, Management Consulting, Sales and Services
Responsibilities: Member of the Corporate Governance Audit committee and Remuneration committee

Michael Travia

Group Executive Director

Holds Executive Chairman and Managing Director positions for kronologica® and meetingly product® companies. Chief architect of company strategy, IP acquisition, commercialisation and global distribution. Serial entrepreneur with vision, innovation and global network in technology services & products over 25 years. Prior to BOS GLOBAL, achieved over AUD100m of technology product and services sales for global corporate technology and services companies

Mark Uren

Independent Director

Holds Independent Director position on kronologica® and meetingly® product companies. Currently Acting CEO of a major Animal Hospital. Experienced COO of technology advice & guidance companies and clients. Over 30 years’ experience including technology IP and Services company start-ups and successful IP exits.

David Ireland

Independent Director

Six years with Australian Commonwealth Government, two years Logica Australia and New Zealand, Director of Sales, and Twenty Seven years with Unisys in various sales and sales management roles. Responsibilities: Member of the Corporate Governance Audit committee and Remuneration committee.


Years in business


Clients and counting


software products launched


billion+ target market


PC3 is the governance standard BOS GLOBAL Limited Group of Companies has chosen to describe its focus, values and behaviour as a 'corporate citizen', no matter where, when or with whom it operates.
PC3 is a trademark of BOS GLOBAL Limited


The willing 'family' members of BOS GLOBAL includes employees, directors, partners and shareholders. The objective is to ensure that all 'family' members enjoy fulfilled and balanced lives through and beyond their work.


The objective is to ensure that the Company and it's principles survive well into the foreseeable future. The company will seek at all times to:
Operate profitably to fund PC3
Be transparent in its Corporate Governance activities
Promote 'partnering' relationships with it's customers and partners be prepared to change to meet challenges and the needs of PC3


Our clients typically understand and appreciate three parties are needed to achieve great results – the customer, the prospective customer and BOS GLOBAL People. The objective is to ensure that all parties continue to be motivated and advocate for each other.


This refers to all the communities, cultures, societies, economies and environments in which BOS GLOBAL operates within. The objective is to ensure that BOS GLOBAL participates in and contributes too, the well-being and growth of these communities.

Corporate Information

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  • Corporate Office: Level 20, Tower 2 Darling Park
    201 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Registered Office: Unit 2, 66 Brunswick Road, Brunswick VIC 3056
  • Postal Address: PO Box 77, East Brunswick VIC 3057
  • Phone: +61 1300 881 344
  • For more information, send email to: enquiry@bosglobal.biz